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You’re NOT Lazy!

One of the most common things I hear from my clients, and I used to think to myself is that if we’re not busy all of the time we’re not productive and we’re lazy. Think about that for a minute. When you see someone sitting on a park bench, in a coffee shop, or on a TV show and they’re laying down, do you think, “They’re lazy!” Maybe, but I doubt it.

Now, consider the battery on your phone. Some days you’re able to fully charge it, but after using it, the batter gets drained. Some days, you may start out with a 50% battery life on your phone, so you’ll have to conserve the battery life if you want it to last the rest of the day without recharging it. Do you think your phone is lazy?

Think about your own energy reserve as your battery. You may wake up every morning with a full recharge and a 100% energy capacity to work through the day, but I doubt it. Most days you may wake up with 50-70% energy on a good day. How much does each task take from your energy reserve? Are you recharging throughout the day? Do you have to conserve your energy toward the end of the day and risk running on 1% until bedtime? Are you really lazy?

I usually wake up with a 50-70% battery on a good day. My work consumes the majority of that energy, so it leaves little energy for me to do much else each day unless I have time to recharge throughout the day. For me, starting off the day with good nutrition and maintaining that throughout the day helps keep my battery charged. Also, taking lunch, exercising, and connecting with family and friends throughout the day, keeps my charge up. Throughout the week I take 2 days off and I make sure that I engage in things that recharge me those two days, so I have a little bit of an energy reserve to start the week. My husband and I take long weekends or a week off quarterly, so we have more time to recharge.

Think about it again, are you really lazy, or are you running on a low battery most of the time?


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