Mental Health Awareness Month

May is mental health awareness month. At LifeWise, we love to advocate for not only mental health, but life wellness, which are integral to each other. In honor of mental health awareness month, I want to share some ways we may keep our mental health on par.

How am I feeling today?

Close your eyes and ask yourself the following questions –

  • Do you notice feeling stress, anxiety, worry, sadness, or other challenging emotions? 
  • How do I rate my mental health on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • How may my mental health be affecting my physical health?
    • Stress may cause headaches, body pains, skin rashes, or worsening of chronic health problems to name several symptoms
    • Anxiety may lead to headaches, nausea, loose stools or constipation, muscle tension, or frequent urination to name some issues
    • Depression may affect our appetite in eating more or less, weight loss or gain, loss of energy, and unexplained aches and pains losing pleasure in things we used to enjoy, sleeping too little or too much to name a few effects

Now, consider if anything has been weighing heavy on you –

  • Is something from work, home, relationships, family, or yourself bothering you?
  • Am I making self-care a priority?
  • Am I setting clear and consistent boundaries?
  • Am I effective in my communication skills?
  • Do I have effective coping skills?
  • Is my conflict resolution style functional?
  • Am I setting goals and reaching them?
  • Am I the best version of myself I can be?
  • Do I need therapy or life coaching?

Think about your physical health and whether you are tending to that part of your well-being –

  • Am I eating healthy and exercising?
  • Have I had a well check with my primary care physician in the last year?
  • Do I have coping skills that help reduce tension in my body?
  • Do I drink enough water?
  • Do I refrain from an excess of alcohol, smoking, or other unhealthy vices?
  • Am I sleeping enough?
  • Am I allowing myself to rest?

Think about whether you bring joy to your own life –

  • Do you laugh?
  • Do you allow your inner child to play?
  • Do I practice gratitude daily?
  • Am I doing things for others?
  • Am I connecting with my spiritual beliefs and practices?
  • Do I have hobbies I enjoy?
  • Do I spend time with friends and family?

Think about the people in your life that form your support network – at least 3 people –

  • Who are the people who love, respect, and support you the most?
  • Do they validate you and give you the space to feel your feelings?
  • Do they offer factual advice or guidance as well as opposing views to give you a whole perspective?
  • Do they allow you to feel seen and heard?
  • Is the relationship reciprocal?

What do your answers tell you about your mental health?

Book Recommendations

I am often asked to recommend books for clients. Here is a list of books that I use in my practice and find very helpful to use with clients.

Best Books of 2019 for Entrepreneurs

To be continued!


By Stacy

Today I am 54 years old. It’s been a journey for sure. Below, I am sharing 54 things I have learned – in no specific order.

  1. I am healing
  2. I am so loved
  3. I am awesome
  4. I am imperfect
  5. I have learned so much from my daughter
  6. My daughter is my hero
  7. I am so thankful my daughter has a loving and kind and talented partner who we adore
  8. Grant is a wonderful addition to our family
  9. I have the most incredible husband on earth
  10. Melissa inspires me and I could not do life without her
  11. My nieces, Emoni, Elisa, and Lisette bring me so much joy
  12. I have my dream job
  13. Humans cry
  14. Emotions are not good, bad, right, or wrong
  15. We have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  16. Social constructs do not determine my value or who I am as a human
  17. The meaning of life for me is human connection
  18. I learn something from everyone
  19. I will never stop evolving
  20. It’s okay to question anything and everything
  21. Animals will help us heal if we let them
  22. Every human has mental health
  23. It’s okay to take a prescription for mental health
  24. Therapy is cool and everyone should go
  25. Genetics does not make you family
  26. Boundaries are integral to peace
  27. Our friend Dave is one of the most interesting people I know
  28. Losing a pet sometimes hurts more than losing people
  29. There is no timeline or instruction manual for grief
  30. Never, never settle for anyone
  31. Abuse is not love
  32. Words can break your heart
  33. There is no pain worse than when my baby girl is struggling or hurting
  34. Vulnerability is a superpower
  35. We believe what we tell ourselves
  36. Focusing on what we can control brings relief
  37. Being kind is the only way to interact with others
  38. Find the calm in the chaos
  39. Give yourself grace
  40. Except for laws, right and wrong are subjective
  41. Everyone has a different perspective and that’s okay
  42. It’s important to have empathy for others
  43. I am beyond blessed
  44. I am more than grateful
  45. I still miss my grandparents
  46. I do not understand cruelty
  47. There are some things in this world that I will never understand
  48. Self care is the most important thing we can do
  49. Prioritizing our needs is not selfish
  50. Elli Ruth is the cutest doggie on earth
  51. Racism and discrimination are real and the world needs to change this
  52. Everyone needs to make their own choices in life
  53. Choices come with consequences
  54. I have already lived over half of my life

Welcome to LifeWise

By Stacy

Hello everyone,

We have started a new journey and we want everyone to join us!

My husband, Lynn, and I have started a company called LifeWise Counseling and Wellness, LLC. We go live on May 9th, which we are so excited about! We’ve asked our sister, Melissa to join us on this venture as she has so much to offer the world. We also have our daughter, Hazel (Zane) along as she has always been an integral part of everything we do, whether it’s business or personal. We also can’t forget Elli Ruth, our little support puppy is here to keep us motivated.

LifeWise was born out of a desire to help people. We offer licensed professional counseling by me, Stacy, Lynn offers Life Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, Melissa offers Nutrition and Health Coaching, and Hazel works behind the scenes to support us and help administratively.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries at Also, please check out our website. We’re excited to be here and we hope you enjoy being part of the LifeWise Team!

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